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Times today are uncertain. The USA is just coming out of a recession, caused by the breakdown of the house loan market. Conditions were so bad that people left their homes and scooted with their valuables for safer havens, away from debtors who were breathing down their necks. However, it is also said that the recession is there only for companies which are not fundamentally strong in their business models. It is similar to an individual. For individuals, it is said that recession exists only for people who are not good at their work. This adage is also true for companies. Recession affects companies that do not have a sound business model and to companies which have overpriced stocks.  You may say, how we can decide whether a particular penny stock belonging to a particular company is fundamentally strong or is quoting much above or below its inherent value. A popular website www.pennystockfarm.com has good news for people who are beaten black and blue by the vagaries of recession.  It says that no matter how bad the recession, there will always be some stocks of some companies which are fundamentally strong and they will go up, no matter what the condition in their industry or the economy on the whole.  But the big question is how to zero in on those stocks.  The website www.pennystockfarm.com, further goes on to show us how to find the best penny stocks which are not only undervalued at this juncture, but also those which are most likely to explode in value thanks to their inherent strength.  Find all of this discussion is Greek and Latin? Don’t know what we are talking about? Well, we are talking about stocks and shares. Did you say, you were frightened to invest in them now? Wait, you must have borne the brunt of the recession and your investments in stocks must have depreciated in value since the last one year. No matter, what your condition now, you can always start trading online, even with a small amount of capital to invest.  Finding the best penny stocks is neither black magic nor a secret art or neither is it gobbledygook.  It is science. Computer science, Want to know why?  Do you wish to know how?   Would I be right in saying that when you were buying penny stocks, you were essentially scouting for the right time to find the right buying opportunity in the market? That in effect means that you were trying to time the market.   To be more specific, did you sit down in front of your computer and fulfill your plan of buying stocks within the next one hour. You would be surprised to know that almost 95% of traders behave in this manner and hence all 95% of them fail. Their main folly is that they have made up their minds to buy a stock, depending upon its price, irrespective of the level at which the market is at that day.  In other words, they ended up buying that particular stock which was looking attractive at that particular hour

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